Citizens' Charter


This Charter is declaration of our Vision & Mission, commitment in delivering quality products & services in order to add value to the operations of our clients, maintain Total Quality in our processes, achieve excellence in the customer relationship, to meet their expectations and to manage the business on commercial lines in the most fair, honest, ethical and transparent manner for the benefit of the Customers who are our partners in progress.


  • To satisfy the interest of all the Stakeholders through planned growth in accordance with Road Map for growth
  • Be a market-driven company and continually strive to ensure stakeholder value and satisfaction by pursuing excellence.
  • Provide shared infrastructure and services for business development, marketing and customer support to HMTís subsidiaries.
  • Market globally products and services from quality-conscious Indian and overseas companies.
  • As a good corporate citizen, be a proactive, integral and responsible member of the communities and environment in which we operate
  • Offer quality products/services at competitive prices to the clients.

  • International marketing of products from the subsidiaries of HMT Limited, viz., HMT Machine Tools Limited, HMT Watches Limited, HMT Bearings Limited as well as from other Indian reputed manufacturers.
  • Setting up of engineering projects abroad for manufacturing
  • Technical services for engineering projects
  • Training in development of technical & entrepreneurial skills and agriculture.
  • Importing of quality engineering goods, for HMTís Manufacturing units and other Indian Engineering Industries.

Our Business portfolio covers

  • Machine Tools for metal cutting & metal forming, plastic processing, die casting and printing machinery
  • Watches, movements and movement components
  • Tractors, trailers and implements
  • Projects & Services
  • Machined components, forgings, castings and engineering equipment
  • Imports of engineering goods

The products exported are serviced through a network of agents details of which are provided in Companyís website


  We serve the recipients of our technical services through our network of agents. Our citizens are
  • Agents for Machine Tools, Tractors and Projects
  • Distributors for our range of watches
  • Our Clients and end users of our machine tools
  • Farmers/ organisations who use our tractors
  • Governments/Ministries purchasing products directly from HMT(I)
  • Governments/organisations for whom HMT(I) has set up projects
  • Students who pass out of the institutions set up by HMT(I)
  • Individuals who use our range of watches
  • Watch manufacturers who use our movements and movement components

  Customer delight is our objective. It is towards this objective that HMT(I) today is an ISO 9001-2000 company to serve its clients better
  • Our products are built with high standards of design, manufacture and quality control at HMTís manufacturing units
  • Impart necessary training to the users wherever requested for effective usage of the products
  • Provide adequate after sales service during the warranty period and thereafter
  • Train the technical personnel with our Agents
  • Provide adequate operation and service manuals

  We shall
  • Strive continuously to assure you of highest standard of service
  • Strive to attain international standards to become globally competitive.
  • Acknowledge all correspondence from you within a reasonable time of its receipt with absolute integrity and dedication
  • Adhere to the delivery schedules committed by us to you
  • Always maintain the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors, business and economic activities
  • Always strive to achieve economy in all our products and services without compromising the quality standards
  • Always be honest and transparent and would like to be seen as honest.
  • Implement all the policies and directives of Central Vigilance Commission.

  We expect you to
  • Be fair, honest and transparent in dealings.
  • Extend your cooperation in all our endeavor
  • Provide us detailed specifications
  • Acquaint with the systems and maintenance procedures and product performances criterion to use the products/services offered by us effectively
  • Indicate realistic schedule and make prompt payment
  • Comply with the service instructions and timely Maintenance procedures

  All of us at HMT(I), our Agents, Distributors are ever willing to provide you the help and assistance required in the selection of any of our products and services.
  • You are also welcome to visit us at our website: for immediate help and assistance
  • For any problems you may encounter please contact our Agents, the addresses are furnished in this website
  • If you are not satisfied with the response of our Agents/Distributors please contact the concerned officials furnished in the website.
  • If you are not able to get your grievance redressed even after the contacting the above personnel you may please get in touch with

The Managing Director
HMT(International) Limited
HMT Bhavan, 59, Bellary Road, Bangalore 560 032, INDIA
#91 80 3339060 Fax: #91 80 3339048/ 3339286